Eden Tehuis is a non-profit organization established to primarily take care of the elderly as well as those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The facility is located just outside of Brits in the North West Province, in a tranquil, rural environment, enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet that comes with the surroundings.

Broederstroom Retirement Village, now Eden Tehuis, originated in the late 1990’s when the Van Niekerk couple picked up an elderly woman on her way to a local supermarket, only to find out that she was homeless and with no fixed address. The couple opened up their home to her for the purpose of caring for her for a few days, but soon thereafter even more elderly individuals approached them for accommodation and care.


There was an empty house on their smallholding which was set up to care for the growing number of elderly people, for which they charged a nominal fee. The number of persons increased so much so that the Van Niekerk couple were forced to appoint staff to assist with the care of the residents.

With the increasing number of residents and the demand for more space and better facilities, it was decided to move to a new premises near Brits in 2011. In the same year, the home’s name was also changed to Eden Tehuis.